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a selfie in paris

Karl P Walsh  a Short Biography

Born in Lancashire of Irish descent, I was brought up on a farm and spent my formative years running wild in the woods and riding horses.  Encouraged by a family friend to audition for the National Youth Theatre, I spent several long summers in London.  It was not always easy on the farm and when the prodigal returned home one summer my father (wisely it now seems) had sold the horse.
This saved me the embarrassment of having to admit to my parents that  the one time horseman was now in love with the Manchester indie scene and was forming a band.
When it was explained to me in quite certain terms by my mother that I was not “ a musician” but “on the dole”  that same family friend suggested I might be better off studying performance at Bretton Hall.  At that point I had a part time job as a pig man.  I stank.  It seemed like a good idea.
I got my degree from Bretton alongside  a host of dreamers like myself who all left the establishment determined to change the world and form their own theatre companies.  I didn’t care.  I was still in a band.
Back in Manchester we moved into a shared house  and played ‘the toilets’ for several years before Kev the guitarist pointed out that he lived next door to Factory Records. We gave them a demo.  Tony Wilson left a message with the girl  who lived in the flat above that he wanted to make an album with us and so began my professional career as a musician.
We toured the country and then the world and met some amazing people.  Sometimes it was impossible and sometimes we felt blessed.  Then  the band split up.
Adrift,  I sold the house bought a Harley and on a whim I asked my best friend Pauline to come with me to the Mediterranean.  Pauline had been a singer too, she had been ‘dumped’ by her ex… who was also a drummer.  She lived in Chorlton too… She said yes.  She hated motorcycles.  We fell in love.
Pauline and I got married and bought a farmhouse in Brittany.  We lived with the spiders and the rats until I had converted the barn  and she could teach Pilates to the ex pats and I could start writing music again.  I wrote a new album and then,  a novel.
Brittany is very quiet, it is very peaceful, beautiful but very, very quiet.
We sold the farm house and moved back to England, I formed a new band The Visitors and started a record label Earliest Records.  We toured and I wrote another novel.  During that time I completed a law degree at the splendid law school in Manchester M.U. and faced with a career as a solicitor I wrote my third novel  The Rat King

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