Original Sin


“Original Sin”
by Karl P T Walsh
David and Jane Sharpe live in the picturesque village of
Greenfield in the shadow of the Lancashire moors. They
are the envy of their friends and lead an idyllic life
commuting to Manchester to work and returning at night to
their dormitory village, a village that thirty years ago
was the center of a nationwide man hunt.
Tom Fissler is an archaeologist and from the sun baked
deserts of Iran he returns to the university to curate the
city museum, where he and his eccentric Ph.D. student
Janine unearth a shocking mistake. He yearns for the
desert but wonders during this long dry summer in
Manchester if it will ever rain again.
Margaret Burgess is retiring and her husband has left
her. She thinks things couldn’t get any worse but then
John Michaelson convicted child murderer comes to the end
of his sentence. D.I. Burgess is tired, she has had a long
career spanning those awkward pre-politically correct
sixties and now an old case refuses to stay closed.
Those white net curtains billow in the evening air and
the happy twitter from the children’s playground blows
gently across the church yard as a summer fog gathers in
the hollows of the land…
Why can’t David sleep and what is the significance of
his recurrent dreams, dreams so real that they threaten
his sanity. Can Jane help? And if she can why won’t she?
What can the children tell us? What can innocents tell
us about sin?.